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Jason Lee, Graduated July 2007


First Website

First Opt-in Page


First Blog


Hi my name is Jason...

Iíve attended the World Internet Mega Summit two months ago.

After the seminar, I signed up for a Basic Internet course with AutoProfit Team

And that's where I get to learn to set up blogs and put in AdSense

And in just 2 days, I earned my 1st 13 US cents which are very significant to me.

It's not the amount but it's my first 13 cents ! which is my 1st amount I earn online with the guidance and dedication from my coaches Roger and Kum Chee as well as my course mates who aretogether in this Internet course where we learnour basic foundation skills.

I would recommend anyone who want to start their online business to attend AUTOPROFIT TEAM's course which is not only systematic, it is also at a fraction of the costs of what other gurus charge!

Jason Lee, Internet Entrepreneur


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